Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Drop of Learning

Today in science, students worked in pairs to put together circuits using a battery, wires, and a miniature light bulb.

In math, we are learning more about creating and interpreting graphs. Students worked in pairs to rotate from graph to graph to find the scale, interval, and range of each graph, in addition to answering 3 questions about the graph on the back.

 As a way to kick-start our genre on informational & every day text, we read A Drop of Water by Walter Wick. Wick uses very precise vocabulary so that a reader can picture all of the fascinating things to know about water! As students listened, they were to record in their Thoughtful Logs any powerful words and phrases they heard. Their words would be used to draft their response later!

Students then responded to the question, "What can we learn as writers from reading Walter Wick's book?" I modeled my own sample response, and then students began drafting their own response. Students are required to use evidence from the text to support their answer. You'll notice students put quotation marks around parts of the text they've used. This gives credit to the author, but it also helps students' evidence stand out so I know they used some!

I was so proud of this student, whose goal lately has been to expand her responses and use the full line in her notebook before starting to write on new line. She did both in this response! Way to go! :)
1. Reading - 15 mins., Pizza Log
2. Math - 10 mins. facts, WKCE Prep problems, 5.6 (making a bar and line plot)
3. Spelling - Test Fri.

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