Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Spinning Our Way Into Halloween!

Today was a day of excitement for the kids. We had to get through a whole day of learning before our Halloween party and parade this afternoon. We began a new chapter on Probability where students got with a partner to do a series of experiments using spinners and coins. Outcomes were recorded in a table, and students were to interpret their results.

At 2:00 it was finally time to get in our costumes for our Halloween party. Our whole school met in the gym before we started our annual costume parade around the school for parents.
We had a nice spread of snacks, too, and played a quick game of Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin!

One of my favorite costumes from the day was a fifth grader who I had last year who was Forrest Gump. Although most of the kids didn't now who Forrest Gump was, we adults loved it! :) Thanks for the smile, Larson!
Enjoy your long weekend, everyone!

1. Reading - 15 mins./night, Pizza Log
2. Math - 10 mins. of facts
            -  Sign Ch. 7 Math Test Slip
            -  Sheet 27.1 (book problems on back side of sheet)
3. Writing - Indenting for a changed topic
4. Thursday envelope
5. Library Books
6. Long socks & helmets for rollerblading (bring for Wednesday!)


  1. hi this is dakota i miss being in your class but i also like mrs Andrews but you are the beast teacher eaver

  2. Hi Dakota! Thanks for the nice post. :) I miss you! I'm so glad you love Mrs. Andrews though. She's a great teacher, too!