Monday, January 2, 2012

Project on! is a website that allows teachers to create projects that they would like to get funded for their classrooms. It's an excellent way for a community to pull together to get quality materials in the hands of our kids at a time when a struggling economy continues to cause cuts in funding for our schools.

Recently I created a project to purchase 3 classroom sets of clocks for our fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms. Currently we have just one set of clocks that get shared between classrooms to help students solve elapsed time problems in math. The hour/minute hands are manipulated so many times throughout each school year that the clocks are simply on their last leg.
Looking to do something to help our kiddos? Consider making a donation of any amount to my project called, "It's Time! Now We Just  Need the Clocks!" You can read more about the project when you click on the link. I'll also put a link to the project in my 'Educational Websites' section located in the right-side margin of our blog. That way, if you find a different time of the year is better for you to donate, you'll always be able to find it.
We thank you in advance for the TIME  you take to make a donation! :)

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