Monday, February 20, 2012

Animal Research - Part 6

Today we followed the same process as our last blog posting (Part 5) for organizing our diet notes for our animals. Below you see the notes I took on an owl's diet in the order I had written the notes down.

It's important for kids to organize their notes so they have the best order and the best flow when it's time to draft. We discussed that information on when and where the animal eats should go first, followed by information that helps the animal hunt or eat, followed by what the animal eats. Any other unique diet information would likely go at the end of the order. I explained my thinking as to why I rearranged several of my notes to their new position. My final order is shown below.

Students cut their green diet notes and rearranged them for the best order. After I checked each student's order, they glued them down to a sheet of paper which will serve as an outline for when it is time to draft our diet paragraphs later this week. Here is a short clip of our students cutting, arranging, and gluing:

Here is one student's final order for her notes on the diet of kangaroos.
To see pictures and footage from the next lesson in this animal research unit, visit this next blog posting (Part 7). Visit my TpT site if you're interested in getting all the student sheets used in this animal research unit.

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