Monday, May 21, 2012

Compare & Contrast

Last week we started talking more about compare and contrast text structure. I bolded all the compare and contrast signal words in the Frogs & Toads text below to highlight the focus of the lesson.

As a class we recorded all the compare and contrast signal words as we read. We also discussed how a Venn diagram is a graphic organizer we use to organize information for comparing and contrasting. After we created our anchor chart of compare and contrast words, I had students practice using these signal words orally. I modeled by saying, "Mrs. Erickson and I are both teachers. However, she is still in college and I am not." and "One similarity between Elisa and me is that we are both wearing earrings, although Elisa's earrings are small and short and my earrings are long." For guided practice, students verbally compared and contrasted themselves with other kids in the room using our signal words. We shared out so students had several good examples.

To link students learning to writing, I had them write two compare and contrast statements about themselves and a peer in their Thoughtful Logs.

Today we continued on with compare and contrast. I read a short folktale and modeled how to fill in a Venn diagram of the two characters' similarities and differences. I then modeled how to write a compare and contrast paragraph using the signal words from our anchor chart. 

 For independent practice, I had students read a different short story about a milkmaid and a magician. Students filled out their own Venn diagrams for the characters and wrote a compare and contrast paragraph using our signal words!


  1. You do the absolutely most wonderful things with your kids to enhance their learning! :)


  2. I love it! Great job.