Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CLM Conference

Candice and I are very excited to present our journey with the Comprehensive Literacy Model at a conference in Naperville, IL today! Here is the powerpoint we will be using today.


  1. I just wanted to write to let you know that a Pinterest pin regarding anchor charts led me to your blog. After reading almost your entire blog, I wanted to know more about comprehensive literacy, so I looked it up and attended a three day conference close by in Little Rock, AR. Why have I never heard about this before?

    I can't wait to implement this in my own classroom this year! Thank you for being my mentor of sorts.

    I am still chock full of questions, but ready to jump right in!

    Thank you for all the pictures, anchor charts and advice in your blog!

    Christy Henry

  2. Great presentation!! Going to try using anchor charts this year with my 6th graders among other things like readers workshop, lots of writing, new way of strategically teaching vocabulary!!! :)


  3. @Christy - I'm so glad you've found something new to inspire you! I discover new things all the time and am never 'done'. One idea leads to another which leads to another. I have no doubt you are an awesome teacher. Your enthusiasm to grow is evident! Good luck getting started!

    @Shannon - So happy to hear it! It sounds like you were able to take away a ton of great ideas from the CLM institute. I'm so glad you'll be trying anchor charts! Remember: 1. Explicit teaching point, 2. Co-construct with your kids, 3. Display in your room to make learning connections that much more often! One other small but big tip in regards to making anchor charts, I highly recommend Sharpie 'Flip Chart' markers. They have plenty of juice for what you will be doing on the chart paper. Other markers just don't cut it. Trust me! :)